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Codington County Republicans
P.O. Box 1445
Watertown, SD 57201

E-Mail: info@codingtoncountyrepublicans.org

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Codington County Caucus for National Delegate Selection

April 19th noon

Suite B

312 9th Ave SE

ANZA offices







Codington County Lincoln Day Dinner


Friday, April 26th 2024


2nd Street Station - Watertown, SD


Elected Officials and Candidates schedules to speak!



Contace Eventbrite for ticets or bretholien@gmail.com or text 881-9124






About Us



What your local Republican Party does:

You may not know it, but Codington County has one of the most active Republican Parties in the state! We meet monthly, work on campaigns, hold two big gatherings a year that also serve as fundraisers, and have a presence known in the community with the Home Show, 4th of July parade, and Zoo chili cook off, just to name a few!


Speakers often come to town and South Dakota has the great advantage as a small state where you can personally meet and talk to all of your elected officials. It is very easy to get involved, especially in this election year.


For example, you could attend our Lincoln Day Dinner coming up on Thursday, April 29th where we will have several local and statewide Republican candidates and office holders this year. Come take the opportunity to visit with them and have a great evening with your fellow Republicans!


Contact us at any of the following methods for tickets, to get involved, or just more information:


Email: info@codingtoncountyrepublicans.org or bretholien@gmail.com



Codington County Republican Party and Codington County Republicans


Website: http://www.codingtoncountyrepublicans.org


Phone Number: text 881-9124


Mail Box 1445 Watertown SD 57201


Bret Holien - Chairman

Elected: January 2, 2013


Brenda Hanten - Vice Chairwoman

Elected: January 2, 2013

Email: brenda@codingtoncountyrepublicans.org

Joe Giovannettone - Treasurer

Elected: January 2, 2013

Cellular: (605) 880-0204

Email: joe@codingtoncountyrepublicans.org